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When Facts Become Fiction | iJihad Ep. 1

In this web series called ‘iJihad’ (i.e. Intellectual Jihad), Br. Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi analyzes and deconstructs popular arguments against Islam and the Muslim world made by critics and Islamophobes alike. In the first episode he looks at some claims made by Dutch Youtuber ‘Gryffix’, who essentially argues that […]

SECULARISATION vs RELIGION DEBATE: Is Religion Still Relevant in the Modern World? [University of Bath, UK]

The video is now available below of the Public Debate on the motion “This House Believes that Religion has become irrelevant in today’s society” which was successfully opposed and defeated after audience voting shifted to the religion-is-relevant to society side. The debate motion was to be decided by the audience voting on […]