Request an MDI Speaker

MDI is an intellectual and community initiative, committed to promoting and improving strong robust debate and discussion between Muslim and non-Muslim communities across the globe.

Consequently,  our speakers and experts are available for lectures, debates or interviews on a variety of issues and subjects.

Our aim is to help provide specialist insight and cutting edge discourse into the many different ideologies, religions and cultures, and current affairs that Muslims encounter today.

What are the costs to book an MDI speaker for an event?

MDI does not charge for booking its speakers, as they have kindly volunteered their time to offer their services. However it is expected for the speakers’ travel expenses to be paid for, and compensation offered if travel requires that they take time off work to attend.  MDI speakers are able to attend national events in their local countries, and international events abroad.

MDI has members based in the UK, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Lebanon and India.

What subjects can MDI speakers discuss and debate?

MDI has provided speakers for a huge variety of subjects, giving  detailed, yet accessible overviews of the topics presented, together with the Islamic viewpoints, and strategies for using effective arguments. Here are some of the subjects we have presented, and debated in the past:

  • Atheism
    • Does Science support Atheism?
    • Does Morality require God?
  • The theory of Evolution
  • Christianity

    • The claimed Divinity of Jesus, Is Jesus God?
    • Christian theology, the concept of the Trinity
    • The Bible, history and authenticity, the four Gospels
    • Christian concept of Salvation
    • The Early Christians
    • Today’s Christianity
    • Muslim-Christian engagement
  • The Purpose of Life
  • The Existence of God, Proof of God
  • Islam
    • Miracle of the Quran
    • The Intellectual consistency of Islam
    • How Shariah law solves human problems
    • Science and Islam
    • Misconceptions of Islam / Islamophobia
    • The Islamic Economic System
    • Islamic history and civilisation
  • Community lectures
    • Reviving thinking and wisdom
    • Building unity from disunity
    • The importance and methodology of portraying Islam correctly
  • Political Philosophy
    • Liberalism (aka ‘Freedom’)
    • Secularism
    • Democracy
    • Fascism
    • Nationalism
    • The Islamic System
  • Current Events / Political Analysis
  • The Art of Debating

How do I request a speaker?

Email us with the details below (you should receive a reply within 24 hours)

  • Your name
  • University/Institution
  • Contact details (email or phone)
  • Date of your desired event
  • Start time of the event
  • Topic of the event
  • Type (lecture or debate)
  • Duration (in hours)
  • Expected attendance (number + mix of audience)

To send requests to MDI, please use the form here