About MDI

Who We Are

The MDI is formed of members from the Muslim community with experience in public speaking, apologetics, polemics, research and critical thought.

Our  speakers and researchers come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring a wealth and variety of research and experience in theological, philosophical, scientific, historiographical, jurisprudential and political fields of study.

Our Belief

MDI takes as it sole adopted beliefs, the Islamic creed (Aqeedah), that it holds there to be no God except the one God, and Muhammed (pbuh) as His final Prophet and Messenger. MDI also believes in all the preceding prophets named in the Quran. Furthermore, the MDI holds that the Quran is a revealed communication from God and thus held to be true and accurate. The examples and sayings of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) are a universal example for us to hold onto for all times and places. Lastly, we hold that since humans have not changed in essence and nature since their beginning, the laws of Islam (shariah) are unchanging and relevant to all times and places. Thus MDI believes that Islam is intellectually sound, and a perfect and complete way of life for mankind.

Our Aims

MDI is here to support, encourage and promote debate that contrasts Islam against other intellectual, theological and political discourses for the purpose of the pursuit of truth, intellectual scrutiny with respect, and clarifying accurate understandings of other worldviews between people of different cultures, beliefs and political persuasions .

MDI seeks to enhance understanding of different beliefs amongst people from different communities and promote active intellectual discourse between them. By this, MDI seeks to demonstrate that debate can occur on any strongly held or popular doctrine, dogma or idea while being respectful, frank and openly critical.

Ultimately, MDI seeks to change minds,  inform and educate to see better quality respectful intellectual disagreements between people subscribing to any two differing intellectual positions, and to see the creation of better and well-informed political and social policies for co-existence and justice.


MDI  is a neutral, non-sectarian and non-partisan organisation. In order to preserve a non-sectarian advocacy of Islam, MDI will not adopt or show preference to any sectarian position on any matter subject to legitimate difference of opinion within the Islamic worldview.

MDI is a platform that promotes improved understanding, positive discussion and better argument. While it may facilitate its members to express their opinions, MDI is not responsible for any opinions expressed on its platforms, whether political or theological, that go beyond the stated beliefs and mission statement of MDI stated above. These opinions belong to the individual expressing them alone. Furthermore MDI does not endorse, nor is affiliated to, any work or activity by any of its speakers outside of the MDI platform.

MDI sees debate as crucial, and to facilitate this, will invite speakers (based upon availability) onto its platforms of any opinion or background it deems relevant to a topic or subject of debate. It should be noted however, that MDI inviting a speaker does not constitute an endorsement of that speaker, or any of his/her opinions. MDI is not responsible for the comments of its guest speakers both on and outside the MDI platform.

Furthermore, MDI is not responsible for, nor does it endorse the comments and opinions of speakers, nor the speakers themselves, who appear or speak alongside invited MDI speakers on non-MDI platforms.