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Event: The GAME CHANGERS – 7 New Arguments that will REVOLUTIONISE Da’wah in the 21st Century [Thurs, 17th September, Sydney, Australia)

Tomorrow, on Thursday 17th September 2015, at 6pm in Sydney Australia, Abdullah Al Andalusi will be unveiling 7 new arguments that will Insha’Allah ‘turn the tables’ in Muslim discourse and revolutionise the dawah of the Muslims in the 21st century (15th century hijri) going forward. The event will cover 7 […]

Paris shooting attacks

By now everyone is aware of the shooting attack that took place in Paris, specifically targeting the satirical magazine headquarters of ‘Charlie Hedbo’. All in all 12 people were left dead after the rampage, including the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Stephanne Charbonnier. It must be noted as well […]

Join the London Demonstration against UK government’s detention of political dissenters and individuals of conscience

The rights organisation, CAGE, has issued an urgent call to demonstrate against the politically motivated incarceration of Moazzam Begg,  a former-prisoner of Guantanamo Bay, who upon release, became an active voice for all prisoners of political conscience, unfairly locked up in the name of the ‘war on terror’. […]