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Asadullah Ali

Naked Kings in the Information Age

In the past few years, many Muslims have been doubting their faith and some have left the religion all together. There are numerous factors as to why, ranging from intellectual confusion, emotional issues, and pressures from dominant societies. However, one aspect has rarely been discussed: the fact we […]

When Facts Become Fiction | iJihad Ep. 1

In this web series called ‘iJihad’ (i.e. Intellectual Jihad), Br. Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi analyzes and deconstructs popular arguments against Islam and the Muslim world made by critics and Islamophobes alike. In the first episode he looks at some claims made by Dutch Youtuber ‘Gryffix’, who essentially argues that […]

An Antidote For Extremism

MDI Malaysia’s Asadullah Ali, will be partaking in a discussion on the 21 April on the topic of extremism in the Muslim world. The event will be hosted by Beyond The Horizon and will be held at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. 5:30pm-7:30pm International Islamic University of […]