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Event: What Would a True Islamic Government Look Like? (9th February 2017, London, LSE)

The highly prestigious London School of Economics and Political Philosophy (LSE), under the auspices of the Student Union Islamic Society, is hosting an exciting event that looks at one of the most topical questions within the Muslim world, and forms the subject of much misconception within the Western world; What Would a True Islamic State Look Like?

MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi will be presenting the subject, with evidences and sources.

[Open to LSE students only – Event will be recorded and posted online for those who cannot attend. However, for those who can attend, you’ll get the privilege of being able to ask questions and make comments].

Time: 6pm

Date: Thursday 9th February 2017

Room 6.02
Clement House



Event Description:

A talk by Abdullah Al Andalusi

For 1,342 years, the Muslim world was governed by successive Islamic governments that led and protected the boundaries of Islamic Civilisation. After 1924, when the Ottoman Caliphate was dismantled as part of the treaty requirements imposed by the allies after World War 1, the Muslim world saw the rise of secular nation states, dictators, tyrants, foreign intervention and constant internecine politics and warfare. With many of the leaders and factions within Muslim nation states using a pretence to religion to enforce their legitimacy or subdue their populations into quietist apolitical apathy, as well as much confusion within Western discourses about the nature of a government informed by Islam, this timely lecture asks, what would a true Islamic government look like in the 21st century?

Using authoritative Islamic sources and past legal and political precedent from Islamic history, the discussion promises to paint a picture of what an Islamic Government could look like in light of the advancements of modern technology, as well as providing a key to the audience on how to recognise the basic common and universal features of an Islamic government that is based upon the well established mainstream ordinances of Islam.


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