SECULARISATION vs RELIGION DEBATE: Is Religion Still Relevant in the Modern World? [University of Bath, UK]

The video is now available below of the Public Debate on the motion “This House Believes that Religion has become irrelevant in today’s society” which was successfully opposed and defeated after audience voting shifted to the religion-is-relevant to society side.

The debate motion was to be decided by the audience voting on whether they supported or opposed the motion. Votes were counted before and after the debate, and the winning side determined by who managed to shift the most votes onto their side at the end of the debate.

After great presentations by the speakers, and an intense Q/A session with quick fire responses between the panellists, the debate ended and the audience votes were counted. The final result showed a shift of opinion in the audience to the side opposing the motion, and supporting the relevance of religion in modern society. The side supporting the irrelevance of religion, lost 30% of their initial supporters. The result was that the motion “This House Believes that Religion has become irrelevant in today’s society” was defeated.

The speakers participating in the debate were.

1) Norman Bacrac. Long-life atheist, he is a council member of Atheism UK as well as trustee and editor of the Ethical Record, the Conway Hall Ethical Society’s monthly journal.

2) Revd Dr Simon Bale, priest in the Anglican Church and the Diocesan Interfaith Adviser for Bath and Wells.

3) Andrei Calvarasanu, first year Economics Student at the University of Bath. He has a general knowledge of the history and origins of religion as well as the differences and common points existing between all of them.

4) Abdullah al Andalusi, international Muslim speaker and debater and founder of the Muslim Debate Initiative.

The video of the event is below:

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