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Palestinian teen found killed in revenge attack

The Guardian

A Palestinian teenager from annexed east Jerusalem has been kidnapped and killed in a suspected act of revenge for the murder of three Israeli youths, army radio reported.

The radio said the youth was seen being forced into a car in the Arab eastern half of the city.

His body was found several hours later early on Wednesday morning in another part of the city, the radio said, describing it as a “suspected revenge attack.”

Three Israeli teenagers were snatched from a road in the southern West Bank on June 12 and their bodies were found on Monday in a murder Israel has blamed on the Islamist Hamas movement.

They were buried on Tuesday after a day of emotionally-charged funerals.

Israel police said they were investigating reports of a kidnapping and confirmed finding a body but refused to say whether the two incidents were connected. They did not give details on the victim’s identity.

“In the early hours of Wednesday morning, police received a report of a person being forced into a car in Beit Hanina,” police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, referring to a well-heeled east Jerusalem neighbourhood.

“Within an hour, a body was found in Jerusalem that has still not been identified. We are looking to see if there is a connection between the two incidents.”

Quoting witnesses, army radio said a black car had stopped next to a youth who was hitchhiking and he was forced inside. The car then took off.

Some time later, the family of the youth, who is understood to be around 16, reported him missing, it said.

Outside the home of the youth in Shuafat, which is very close to Beit Hanina, a large crowd of angry Palestinians were hurling stones at police, who were responding with sound bombs, an AFP correspondent said.

The body was discovered in a forest in Givat Shaul in southwest Jerusalem, the radio said. An AFP correspondent said police had sealed off a large area around the neighbourhood.

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  1. The way they phrase the report shows the Zionist narration. They point out that it is a “revenge murder” to justify the killing. By ignoring the fact that those “Israelis” are settlers in an occupied land, the report equalizes the victims to the murderers. That’s how the media forms the public opinion to the extent that even those who sympathize with Palestinians repeat the same propaganda of what the media tries hard to disseminate.

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