The Quilliam Foundation: Tommy Robinson’s useful Muslim idiots

Ever since Tommy Robinson decided to leave the English Defence League, we have argued that his leaving of the EDL wasn’t some major change with Tommy, it was just a makeover change, and that Tommy still held the same bigoted views towards Muslims and the religion of Islam.

Well this is no longer some theory of ours, but pure fact, as this piece-interview on Tommy Robinson proves:


The most interesting part of that interview was when Tommy was asked about his association with the Quilliam foundation:

When I met the people from Quilliam, I realized that they could help me with a lot of things. I’m just a working class bloke from Luton. I don’t know how to set up and run a think tank and get donations. I asked if they would teach me and they said yes. They said: ”You may have whatever opinions you like but you will get more out of expressing them in a more political way.”

Could one say that you are using them, and they are using you?

Tommy doesn’t answer but nods and grins

In other words, the Quilliam foundation are what you can call Tommy Robinson’s useful Muslim idiots. The way they serve as Robinson’s useful idiots comes in two ways:

1-They will provide him the access-resources he needs to spread his propaganda against Islam and Muslims, while also giving him advice on how to do it, as Tommy himself admits.

2-Tommy can now claim that he is in fact not a bigot towards Muslims, because after all he sat on a platform hand in hand, and side by side with Muslims, so how can Tommy be against Muslims when he associated with a Muslim organization like the Quilliam foundation?

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  1. Why is MDI so intolerant – just because you don’t agree with the Quilliam Foundation – you call their members idiots?

    Perhaps you should rename Muslim Debate Initiative to the Salafist Debate Initiative. Oh – oxymoron here , Salafists don’t debate, their way or the highway. Better stick to MDI.

    • you should first go and try to understand what salaaf means , salafists were the predecessors and I would ne honored to be as them , because those generations were more muslim then todays ‘muslims” .

      As for some ‘muslims’it seems that they became victims of psywar or just love the kafir lifestyle . s for islam Allah commands not to join/make sects . If one putts his trust in Allah and is sincere in his belief and actions then if Allah pleases he may be among the succesfull ones. As for ummah today there are as I said people who go that far to please disbelievers to say such things as you stupid salafists . I am not (todays) salafi ( I wish I was among the predecessors or like them ) I am a muslim . I come from a moroccan family 6 childeren . We live in the Netherlands , 2 brothers are engineers and one sister studies to become proff in chemistry . Still the lifestyle of the dutch is not the way for us , we are not fascinated by them so far to leave islam or folow their lifestyle . My sister is a proud muslimah and she teaches mathematics to kufar (those whom stupid muslims wish to follow)

      Still we as muslims do learn something from them .Kufaar investigate what Allah created and creates and many muslims dont , still they speak bout big bang and big crunch , When a virsus spreads in Saudi Arabia , kufaar biologists are invited That is that many ‘muslims’not even having degree in sciences speak about science and become victims of it just as todays atheists whom are victims of europe midle ages and reject revelation as a whole. These so called muslims are just like the atheists , they say we are muslims but in their hearts they feel empty and fill that with kufr .

      So there is one thing I will add to this . Kufaar are not lazy and many muslims are . They don’t act . . But still there are muslims in Europe having no degree in science and become ‘modernists” . The kufar are playing their games and muslims fall into the trap . One can be a muslim and inspire kufaar as well . Why is it that muslims become modernists? One thousand years from now or 20 000 years Allah u a3lam we today will be seen as backwards so islam is for all times , Kufaar will never be pleased with muslims , when you have a degree in sciences in stead of reading about it on wikipedia the kufar say why believe in Allah? so even then they are not pleased even if you come up with a cure for cancer . When will they be pleased? when you become one of them . So stop calling some people ‘backwards’because even those so called muslims feeling modern are seen as backwards in the minds of the kufar because they dont believe what they believe . We muslims should clean up our backyards first before ringing the bel of the neighbour. The fact is that many ‘muslims’ are nationalists and some are racists too. Not all arab muslims will accept a black musim marrying his daughter . The same with pakistani muslims etc. ”Muslims” shoul revert back to ISLAM before accusing others of being kafir or being backwards. salam aleikom

      • Your question – why did he wait until remeretint to say what he did – is answered in the story. When the Czech government moved to stop the construction of mosques, they were threatened with defunding by the EU. The Catholic Church is the same shit, just a slightly different pile.

  2. Lol, MDI is so intolerant, that’s why have they set up a whole load of public debates, inviting a wide range of speakers with varying different points of views.

    What’s funny as well is that you prove your own bigotry by taking a dig at Salafists, with a very over generalised statement. But that’s normal from people like you, because it’s usually the ones who first try to play the ‘civilised and tolerant’ card, like you, that are the ones with the real intolerance bordering on fascism.

    Just look at how you conduct yourself, throwing your toys out of the pram just because some people used their free speech rights to criticise the Quilliam Foundation.

    As for Salafists. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that Salafists don’t debate, well, that’s their right isn’t it? Or what, are they forced to debate? What happened to freedom of choice? Lol, the fascist in you is coming out very quickly isn’t it? Simple, if someone doesn’t want to debate, whether he be Salafist, or atheist, that’s their right, deal with it. Or is being ‘mr tolerant’ mean you cannot tolerate people who choice not to debate.

    You make it really easy to be a walking contradiction, don’t you?

  3. and may Allah bless Abdullah al Andalusi. He does not fall into the trap . He defends the sharia , making good points about secularism borrowing values from belief. and the use of vague terms as universal rights .(polygamy) truly it is not the aql that makes one a muslim but the guidance of Allah only . salam aleikom

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