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Debate Event: Br. Ijaz Ahmad vs Pastor Samuel Green – An Incarnate God: Fact or Fiction?

All praise is due to Allaah ta ‘ala,

I’d like to formally announce an upcoming debate with Pastor Samuel Green, author for both Answering Islam and Answering Muslims, he’s an internationally renowned Christian debater, preacher and teacher. Most would recognize him from the famous video where he posed a question to our beloved da’ee, Shaykh Ahmad Deedat (may Allaah be pleased with him). Pastor Samuel recently debated fellow MDI Speaker and Colleague, Br. Zakir Hussain on, “The Qur’aan or the Bible: Which is the Word of God?”, “Muhammad in the Bible“, as well as another MDI Speaker and Colleague, Br. Abdullah al Andalusi on the “Message of the Prophets“.

Pastor Samuel and I will be debating, “An Incarnate God: Fact or Fiction”, Pastor Samuel will be presenting his arguments for a factual conclusion and I, for a fictional conclusion.


Details for which room the debate would take place in, and who the moderator would be, shall be announced shortly. I thank Pastor Samuel for his invitation to debate and I look forward to the event with great expectation and enthusiasm.

and Allaah knows best.

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