Responses to anti-Islamic Polemics

Tommy Robinson and homosexuality

Tommy Robinson seems to have come up with his own acid test when trying to determine a ‘moderate’ Muslim from an ‘extremist’ Muslim, which presupposes the idea that Tommy is the judge of determining who is a moderate, or an extremist. But nonetheless, Tommy’s litmus test is to ask the Muslim whether they support homosexuality, and in particular, same sex marriages.

If the Muslim answers yes, that they do support same sex marriages, then they’re a moderate, but if they’re against homosexuality and same sex marriages, well then they’re an evil Muslim ‘extremist’.

Now the point of this article isn’t to discuss the Islamic or Muslim position (there are varying opinions from Muslims on the issue) on homosexuality, because what Tommy Robinson has done, is created this alternate reality that it isonly Muslims that seem to have an issue with homosexual marriage.

We obviously know that this is a load of nonsense, as all Tommy has to do is have a nice chat and survey amongst conservative Christians in the U.S., and Europe to see what they think of same sex marriages. Tommy likes to call himself a Christian, well it is a fact of life, that several Christians are strongly opposed to same sex marriages, but for some strange reason, Tommy doesn’t spend as much time trying to argue or demonize those Christians as likes to do to Muslims that may be against same sex marriages.

In the U.S. Christian conservative opposition to same sex marriage is well known and open, it is Christian conservatives that stand in opposition against legislation to legalize such marriages, and it has been Christian conservatives that have come up with legislation to ban same sex marriages in the U.S., such as proposition 8 for example.

In France as well, thousands upon thousands of French people demonstrated on the streets against same sex marriage, and just for the record, it wasn’t the French Muslim community doing the protests, but the mainly the French Christian community.

Russia as well has been all over the headlines recently for their anti-gay laws, with calls being made to boycott the winter Olympics over their anti-gay laws. Not only has the Russian government been legislating anti-homosexual laws, but a trend has taken root in Russia, whereby gay teenagers are lured and tricked by Russian neo-Nazis into meeting them, after which they are beaten, humiliated, and urinated on while being recorded on video.

But off course, Tommy Robinson the great champion of gay rights says not a word about such issues, he does nothing to try and reform his fellow Christians. No, for Tommy it’s only about the Muslim attitude towards homosexuals and homosexual marriage, it’s a Muslim issue only, everybody else has happily agreed to same sex marriages. Yes, and pigs have begun to fly too.

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  1. Wheras as a “litmus test” it’s idiotic, fact remaims that homosexuality is a capital crime only in a handful of countries, to my better knowledge. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan (north, not sure about south), Mauritania and Iran. It’s bad enough in other places, including Russia and parts of the US, but I wonder if there’s a single muslim country with advanced lgbt rights, not to mention that it is in muslim countries where the law advocates one being killed for acts of homosexuality.

  2. You make it seem as though this is a minor issue. Typical Muslim, trying to belittle Gay issues as though they’re not important. So, tell me; do you oppose equal rights for Gay people in Muslim countries? If you do, fuck you.

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