Atheists and their funny attempts to eliminate the idea of “God the Creator”

It’s really interesting to discuss with atheists. You’ll never miss their disparate attempts to eliminate the necessity of a Creator or an Intelligent Designer in order for this Universe and Life to exist. Which if they succeed proving so, the whole idea of “God the Creator” becomes redundant and ultimately gets eliminated along with “God” himself, just like when the idea of “Ether” vanished once Dr. Albert Einstein materialized the “Special Theory of Relativity” proving that Light has Mass characteristics along with the previously known Waves characteristics, which explained the Light ability to travel through the emptiness of vacuum without the need of any facilitating media. “Good bye, Ether”, said Dr. Einstein.

Using the same elimination tactics, atheists hijacked the Theory of Evolution suggested by Charles Darwin and added a little piece of a purely evil invention unsupported by any evidence or lab experiment which is simply … EVOLUTION HAPPENED/HAPPENS AUTOMATICALLY! … They thought this would play the same killing rule Dr. Einstein (un-deliberately) did for Ether and will ultimately eliminate the necessity of God the Creator in order for Life to exist on Earth!

The funny part is when you ask them to submit any evidence that supports their claim of Evolution being on “Auto-Pilot”, the moment of which they will start turning around themselves bringing up irrelevant subjects, putting some unrelated scientific terms, fall in the terrible mix between two distinctive terms “Evolution” which produces a new successful creature and “Natural Selection” which keeps the same creature but enhances its survival.

When they ask science for a rescue, science dumps their intentions by giving them what already proven to be “Auto-Pilot” genetic changes  which in entirety doesn’t exceed Facial lengths, Tumour cells, hand-foot-genital syndrome, neurological diseases, immunological changes, social behavior (i.e. level of monogamy), Friedreich’s ataxia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, hypertension and osteosarcomas! In brief, “Auto-Pilot” genetic mutations don’t produce any but defects! At the end, after they discover how deep the hole they got sunk in, they (usually) resort to throw accusations on you of how retarded you asking for an evidence for something already known!

Even hijacking Evolution isn’t helping you atheists, do you know why? Because producing a new successful creature necessitates knowledge, and knowledge necessitates a source!

Quran 17:51 “Or [any] creation of that which is great within your chests [minds].” And they will say, “Who will restore us?” Say, “He who brought you forth the first time.” Then they will nod their heads toward you and say, “When is that?” Say, “Perhaps it will be soon”!

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  1. Good points bro Darwish.


    ‘Genes’ which are responsible for coding our anatomical and functional aspects are actually pair of triplet amino acids on a scaffolding of complex sugars, proteins and nucleic acids which is collectively called DNA . Each Human cell contain DNA packed in its nucleus.

    Mutations are actually aberration which occur in the functioning of these Genes ,these aberrations occur at a particular site in the DNA ,occurring in a particular Gene .This leads to deviation of the normal function of the affected Gene .This deviation ranges from an anatomical anomaly to a abnormal function of the particular function coded by that Gene.

    Mutations never change the basic structure of a DNA into another one i.e mutations never can change a human DNA into that of animals or vice versa.

    The ‘Natural Selection’ is a process seen in some prokaryotes or single cell organisms .It is also not what the atheist want us to believe .It is actually a mutation in a particular ‘Gene’ of the organism which changes a specific thing ,it is never a wholesome change of the DNA into another DNA.For example if a antibiotic kills a bacteria by damaging its wall ,repeated exposure of that antibiotic to the bacteria leads to mutation in the ‘Gene’ which codes the wall of the bacteria leading to synthesis of wall which is resistant to that antibiotic.

    Coming to the origins of cell and DNA nobody knows it !. Previously scientist used to say that amino acids ,sugars and nucleic acids which are present in our cell came together when favorable conditions prevailed on Earth .SCIENTIST DISCARD this theory now they say the probability of this happening is no probability at all.

    Scientist today hypothesize that cell might have come on Earth from outer space by some meteorite hitting earth. Even if we agree this, there is absolutely no way that a cell can become a human being!!

  2. It is absolute scientific impossibility for one cell to give rise to cells of different organism with different DNA’.

    Man a highly intellectual being has till today not created a single cell . Man has absolutely no cure for any organ dysfunction apart from organ transplant .

    The upcoming research in stem cell technology is based on the utilization of totipotent potential of the embryonic cells and bring it into use.

    But even after advancement in Medical science that too at the molecular level ,medical science cannot produce a cell by using basic precursors despite knowing what they are !!

    Man has approximately 70 multiplied by 10 to the power 9 trillion cells ,who then created them? How can they be just like that if man himself could not create one ?

    For man to know one thing only one or few signs implicating it are enough ,for example America is south of Canada and if we are in Canada we know for sure that to the south lies America as Canada is a sign which points to it.We this this only basing on 1 point .

    Coming on to signs of God ” if all the trees on earth were pens and the ocean (were ink), with seven oceans behind it to add to its (supply), yet would not the signs of Allah be exhausted : for Allah is Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom.” Quran 31:27

    So many signs which point to God but some men say there is no God!!!! . Denying God is to deny our own self and to deny the universe.

      • Assalamu ‘aleikum brother Mohammad. Very interesting and well written. As I understand it you are writing from the perspective of “even if we WOULD agree to everything you say concerning evolution it still does not work for you as a proof for denying the need of the existence a creator”, and not that you are actually accepting everything from simple organism developing into more complex and branching until you find humans. Have I understood you correctly?. I am sorry if I come of as a complete ignoramous. I am not scientifically educated at all. I’ve only taken a course in philosophy of science. I would further like to ask you, if it’s not to much of a bother if you happen to know of any recent studies on the chemical composition of melanin?

    • Wa Alykum Assalam wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh, brother Ibrahim;
      I guess you’re asking about my position towards the idea of Evolution. I owe you an article about that. Coming soon, if not the very next!
      BTW, why did you ask about the recent studies on the chemical composition of Melanin? What you wanna say?

      • Jazak Allahu khayran. Didn’t want to say anything brother. Just a loose idea that what it composes of could perhaps be found in the earth, soil. Nevermind brother. As I said to you before I have a very low level of scientific knowledge.

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