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Event: The GAME CHANGERS – 7 New Arguments that will REVOLUTIONISE Da’wah in the 21st Century [Thurs, 17th September, Sydney, Australia)

Tomorrow, on Thursday 17th September 2015, at 6pm in Sydney Australia, Abdullah Al Andalusi will be unveiling 7 new arguments that will Insha’Allah ‘turn the tables’ in Muslim discourse and revolutionise the dawah of the Muslims in the 21st century (15th century hijri) going forward. The event will cover 7 […]

The Islamic tradition of Chemistry

Muslim Heritage This article is a plea for putting the Muslim contribution to modern day chemistry in its due place in history. The outline of the Islamic contribution to chemistry, in the works of renowned scholars, from Jabir ibn Hayyan and Al-Razi to Al-Majriti and Al-Jildaki, show clearly […]