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My Gut Response

Guest article by Ashmath, a jewish convert to Islam, now blogger and social commentator. His opinions are not necessarily representative of MDI’s views, but have been reposted here for the purposes of debate and raising the topic. Here’s an interesting video I found while looking up info on Jewish […]

Judaism vs Christianity: The Parting of the Ways

A fascinating lecture by an Orthodox Jew: Judaism vs Christianity: The Parting of the Ways – The Domino Effect – Rabbi Michael Skobac Many people know that the religion that became Christianity originally began as a movement within Judaism. What is less well understood is how this transformation actually took […]

A Rabbi Cross-Examines Christianity

Rabbi Michael Skobac takes us on a fascinating exploration of how a small Messianic movement within Judaism, 2,000 years ago, transformed into a radically non-Jewish world religion. In this lecture, we learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity, and how those roots became obscured over the course of […]