A Rabbi Answers a Pastor

A fascinating exchange between a Rabbi and a Christian pastor

Categories: Christianity, Judaism

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  1. A friend emailed me his response:

    Awesome video! Here’s my feedback:

    (1) Using the good rabbi’s own analogy, the Jews serve the King but they reject the prince entirely. So we have the Christians who worship the prince, and the Jews who spit at him. There must be a third alternative? 🙂

    (2) I found it interesting that just as the rabbi looked up and said that he is waiting for “the revelation of God’s presence”, a Muslim man with a turban walks by him!

    • Actually, at around 7:17, when he asks to “see God Himself now,” a bearded Jew wearing a yarmulke walks by.

    • To be fair, as regards your friend’s first point, many Jews “spit on” a prince in whose name they have been tortured and murdered for 2,000 years. Whether the prince actually ordered these actions didn’t matter to the people who suffered, and the prince’s name became known primarily as a source of their suffering and oppression. I see this as similar though obviously not identical to what is happening in the West with Islam. Westerners are being told that Islam is their enemy just as Jews have been taught that the prince was their enemy. Both are mistaken conclusions.
      In fairness, many Jews today are much more open to viewing the prince with respect as a compassionate teacher, rabbi, and in some cases even as a prophet of God. Not all Jews, by any means, but many more are able to have respect for this prince since they have been removed from the torture chamber. Of course, abuse leaves scars, and the Jewish culture is overall still dysfunctional, insular, and xenophobic.

    • I’m not sure how much we should factor in, if at all, Pastor Ted’s adulterous relationship with his meth dealer, who was a gay male prostitute, as he talks about his views on marriage. It looks like Pastor Ted opposed gay marriage before news of his behaviour spread.

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