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Zara Faris debunks Feminism

MDI Debate Video Excerpt: MDI’s Zara Faris makes her powerful and succinct opening arguments against Feminism, and discusses Islam as the alternative. (An excerpt from the ‘Do Women Need Feminism?’ Debate. The full video can be found here.

Do Women Need Feminism? The Big Debate

Does Feminism fulfil its promises? Does it bring about liberation for women, or does it straitjacket women into competing as males? Does Feminism stand for justice, or does it stand only for one-sided gender politics? Do women need Feminism? Is there an alternative way? Join the public debate […]

Fempocalyse! Feminism and the fall of Western Civilisation

The American writer, Karen Straughan, who studies ‘gender studies’, sociology and anthropology, and whose work has been adopted by many American universities as educational material for their students, has published a video laying down a devastating critique of Feminism. Intriguingly she discusses a socio-economic analysis of the effects of Feminism […]