Fempocalyse! Feminism and the fall of Western Civilisation

The American writer, Karen Straughan, who studies ‘gender studies’, sociology and anthropology, and whose work has been adopted by many American universities as educational material for their students, has published a video laying down a devastating critique of Feminism. Intriguingly she discusses a socio-economic analysis of the effects of Feminism in the West, and demonstrates how it is a contributing factor exacerbating the collapse of Western civilisation.

For those (thankfully few) ‘Muslims’ who think the Sharia is outdated, and that Muslims need to adopt Feminism to solve the problems faced by Women in Muslim societies, this is a video I invite you to watch. The woman is not a Muslim, yet it is interesting how the solutions she believes are required, fit the social organisation posited by the classical Sharia.

So instead of imitating and borrowing defunct Western ideas like Feminism, it is time for Muslims to liberate our minds from intellectual colonialism, and join the campaign for the full re-establishment of Sharia in the Muslim world that will secure and mandate the rights and responsibilities of both women and men. Let women not be slaves to men, or men to women, but let us return to being slaves to our Creator. In Him (swt) will we find true justice and equity.

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  1. I cannot comment on the effects of feminism in the U.K and its system., but her comments about Japan are off-base. It is true that birth rates in Japan have been dismal and young people opt for being “freeters” rather than fixed employment—but that has little to do with “western” feminism. Japan’s economic boom relied on long term fixed employment—that is, once an employee entered a company, he was likely to stay there until retirement—this changed when the economy went bust and employees began to be layed off or forced into early retirement. Bad economy also meant there were less full time jobs available. This meant that many people had less disposable income. This lack of income security often meant that both husband and wife HAD to work in order to have a reasonably comfortable living. This in turn meant that women postponed or opted to NOT have children…as that would disrupt their income level and create long-term expense. At the same time, ageing of the population effected the way that available income was used. In other words—because of the bad economy, there was less income(income security), this had to be used for the care of the elderly, adding pressure to an already tight budget so that having children was a luxury people felt they could not afford. (Companies also began to employ more part-time or seasonal staff instead of full-timers in order save costs and remain competitive…contributing to income insecurity). Japanese women postponed, or opted out of, marriage and children–not because of “feminism” but because of a combination of a bad economy and an ageing society.

    Today in Japan, a taxpaying generation not only needs to support their retired parents, but their ageing grandparents also….a dwindling taxpaying population means less tax base……

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