DEBATE VIDEO: “Does Islam Pose a Unique Challenge to Modernity?” Haqiqatjou vs Secularists Armin Navabi & Mohammed Tawhidi

In 17th November 2018, MDI’s Daniel Haqiqatjou was invited by Pangborn philosophy to debate on a panel with a well known ex-Muslim atheist and secular activist, author and podcaster, Armin Navabi, and an infamous secularist and critic of Muslim communities in the West, Mohammed Tawhidi.

The panel debate was on the topic “Does Islam Pose a Unique Challenge to Modernity?”, and the video has been released in two parts (the first part below).

Daniel Haqiqatjou remarked:

“Last month, I had the unfortunate experience of talking to “Imam” Tawhidi. This was the result of the Pangburn conference and Islam panel discussion that was supposed to happen in NYC with Shadi Hamid, Tawhidi and others on the question of Islam and Modernity. But Pangburn went bankrupt the week before the conference. The conference was cancelled, but the panel was still supposed to happen, which turned into this debate.

In the debate (link in comments) I was shocked at the lengths Tawhidiwent to in insulting Islam, the Prophet ﷺ, the Quran. Even the murtad moderator Armin was taken aback and kept asking him, “Why are you still a Muslim?” He had absolutely no problem betraying the Prophet ﷺ if it meant helping him make a stupid point in favor of “Islamic reform” and Western occupation and invasion of the Muslim world.

Usually, even the worst deformist sell-outs have limits to the extent of kufr they spew. This man has none. I already knew that he was most likely a government agent posing as Muslim scholar for money and publicity. But in this debate, he doesn’t even try to pretend otherwise. In Part 2 of the debate, which I hope they release soon, he even advocates for Mossad and other intelligence agencies to infiltrate Muslim countries.

I am planning to have a live stream session to discuss the debate further and my reflections on it. Will announce details soon inshaAllah”.

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  1. I am disappointed but InshaAllah I hope brother Daniel learns more about Islamic history and increases his knowledge on Islam and on the seerah of the Prophet pbuh and gets on a more vigorous and rigorous scholarly study of Islam before he gets on debate next time InshaAllah. I pray for his success.

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