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PAST EVENT: Seminar on the Preservation of the Bible and Quran, with Ijaz Ahmad

Seminar on the Preservation of the Bible and Quran

 This Saturday | 5-7pm | Whitechapel London 

Whitechapel Enterprise Hub
Whitechapel Road 
E1 London
United Kingdom

Short Description: 

In the West, the Secular reformation of Christianity was achieved by pointing out the historical origins and provenance of the collection of early Christian writings known as “The Bible”. Since it was discovered that the text previously held to be the inerrant and direct word of God, was in fact a human set of traditions that were subject to change, amendment and uncertain origins, this meant that Christians had to resort to arguing that the Bible was, at best, only “divinely inspired” in the hands of its authors. This caused many [Protestant] Christian sects to back down from advocating a strict adherence to the exact laws and formulas for conduct mentioned in the text, and move to a ‘spirit of the text’ interpretation which saw people move away from Biblical teachings altogether.
In recent years, a similar attempt has been tried on the Quran, which unlike the Bible, DOES claim to be every bit the literal word of God (yes, it’s true, nowhere in the New Testament Bible does it call itself the word of God). The Western formula for reforming Christianity is being applied to the Quran. However, the Quran simply isn’t the same kind of book, nor its compilation, nor its origins, and certainly not in the claims it makes about itself. In essence, if the Quran isn’t the direct Word of God, then Islam is rendered false.
In light of the spurious claims by historians like Tom Holland (who claims Islam, Muhammed and the Quran was retrospectively invented to justify an Arab Empire), what is the truth about the preservation of the Bible and the Quran? Come and see MDI’s Ijaz Ahmad present a powerful overview of the research showing that all the historical evidence points to the authentic preservation and transmission of the Quran.

The science of textual criticism and ‘Ilm al Rasm al Mushaf have two distinct goals with regards to two distinct books. The Bible and the Qur’an do not stand in equal footing, learn how and why, with us.

Long Description: 

The Occidentology Department As part of the Occidentology department of the Quran Institute we are holding a seminar on the preservation of the Qur’an and the Bible. Indeed Christianity still plays a vital role in discussions of politics and morality in the West, and as many struggle to contextualise Islam and define the West, we believe it is of significant interest to believers, historians and the public to understand the Christian faith so as to understand the context Muslims find themselves in. Spanning a period of 20 centuries, their traditions of preservation continue to be revealed with detailed study. Come join us we look deeply into the Qur’an and the Bible.

Instructor: Ijaz Ahmad (Trinidad)

Br. Ijaz Ahmad is a Muslim apologetics author, researcher and debater from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. He’s had over 10 moderated debates, including those with Dr. Tony Costa of Canada and Pastor Samuel Green of Australia. Br. Ijaz has taught alongside Dr. Shabir Ally, published papers on the Bible and the Qur’an, holds a bachelor’s of science degree, and is a member of the Muslim Debate Initiative.

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