‘How to Respond to Difficult Questions on Islam’ [Q/A by Asadullah Ali, Ohio University, USA]

MDI was invited to facilitate an event by the Muslim Student Association, Ohio State University (USA), to which we sent our ever-capable USA speaker, Asadullah ali Al-Andalusi. The invitation was for a two-day schedule of events, the second of which is available to watch below (the first event will be uploaded soon).

The second event of the two-schedule, occurred last week (26th October 2018), and featured a Q/A session with Asadullah Ali, with the students of Ohio State, titled “Really Hard Questions on Islam”.

Asadullah Ali commented:

“The following day [after the first event] was more of an open talk where I discussed controversial issues surrounding Islamic doctrine and certain hadith. There was also a tense atmosphere, considering that many of the topics were sensitive in nature (e.g. the age of A’isha (RA), slavery, virgins in heaven, etc.). However, it was an overall engaging discussion which I benefited tremendously from. I felt that the open and frank nature of the discourse helped everyone — including myself — able to coherently understand and elucidate our beliefs. And honestly, it was a lot of fun too. The students and I were so involved that the event went way beyond its allotted time and we talked well into the late hours of the night. It was so difficult to stop that I think the majority of us couldn’t even finish our dinners!

Couple both these events with the lively ambience of the university, the genuine sense of brotherhood and generosity exhibited by the Muslim student body, and their thirst for erudition and intellectual discourse — I cannot say that I have ever had such an enlightening and academically fulfilling experience at an MSA in all my years as a Muslim.

Thanks to the Muslim Debate Initiative and Br. Fahad Butt for making this event possible. I can’t wait to come back and be part of this MSA’s efforts to relieve our Ummah of their concerns and doubts. Truly, because of all of you, I have been honoured and motivated to better myself and work harder towards this goal.

Jaza’Allah Khair”

The video of the event was filmed and can be seen below:

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