Responses to anti-Islamic Polemics

[VIDEO] What is the TRUE Cause of “Islamic Terrorism”?

MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi showcases a video taken during his tour in Finland, April 2018, where on a panel discussing Muslims in the West, a Finnish policeman argues that Muslims must do more to correct the ‘misinterpretation of Islam that causes terrorism’.

It is because Muslims have blindly accepted this claim, that Muslims are unable to respond when Islam is portrayed as a religion that can be misinterpreted in such a way. For no one would ever claim that any Muslims who adopt open polytheism are simply ‘misinterpreting of Islam’. This leads Islam, and Muslims, to be viewed with suspicion, feared and even hated.

Abdullah deftly provides a rebuttal to this claim at the event with the policeman, and the video includes along with this, a key previous public speech combined with quotations and background evidences to show that terrorism arises from politics, not an Islamic interpretation. In fact, even the terrorists themselves admit that terrorism goes contrary to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed.

The video is a much watch. Please share and #EndTheLie

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