Lecture: The Liberal Program Against Islam and Muslim Society [by Daniel Haqiqatjou]

Filmed on 14th October 2017, at the Tufts Chase Center, Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA.

MDI contributor Daniel Haqiqatjou, discusses the history of liberalism and the liberal program to colonize the Muslim world and ultimately destroy Islam.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with Islam? Have you ever felt embarrassed or depressed or conflicted by something you have read in the Quran or hadith? Have you ever felt Islamic law is backwards and in need of reform? Well, there is a reason you, as a Muslim in the modern world, have had such feelings. There is a central source of that burden that’s been weighing you down all this time, threatening your faith and the faith of your Muslim family and friends…

“This video goes into exactly why liberalism is and has been such a major threat to Islam and Muslim civilization. I take the threat of liberalism extremely personally and so should all Muslims for reasons I discuss in the talk.”

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