Public Debate: Does God Permit Lying? Sadat Anwar vs Alex Kermali

On Wednesday 6th December 2017, Sadat Anwar, of the Muslim Debate Initiative, debated Pastor Adrian Davis of the Church of God International, Canada, at the Sandman Signature Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The topic discussed was the ‘taqiyyah argument’, that is often used against Muslims, that alleges that Muslims are permitted in Islam to use ‘Taqiyah’ to lie about their religion in order to convert people to it, or to deceive non-Muslims. As such, the topic makes this debate the first of its kind, and an important one which is relevant to assessing the veracity of an often-used claim against Muslims.

The debate discusses the following questions: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? When it comes to the subject of lying, what does the Qur’an teach? What does the Bible teach?

Watch the full debate video below

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