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Debate: What’s The Point In Believing In God? [13th October 2016, University College Dublin]

Debate Topic: ‘What’s the point of believing in God?’

Venue: Theatre R, Newman Building, University College Dublin

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm


Dan Deasy, Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Philosophy at University College Dublin.

Scott Evans, Anglican Chaplain at University College Dublin.

Katherine Beirne, speaker for Atheism, Secularism and Humanism.

Abdullah Al-Andalusi, co-founder of the Muslim Debate Initiative.

Event Information:

The University College Dublin (UCD) Student Union Islamic Society, in collaboration with UCDStudent Union Philosophy Society, invite you to a discussion panel of the age old question; ‘What’s the point of believing in God?’

UCD’s School of Philosophy’s Dan Deasy will be joined by UCD’s Chaplain, Scott Evans, speaker Katherine Beirne, along with international Muslim speaker, Abdullah Al-Andalusi. Join us for what promises to be an interesting discussion.

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