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Debate: ‘The Great Debate: Does Islam Need Reforming?’ [4th Oct 2016, London]

Event Description:

Currently there is a intense public debate about the need for Islamic reformation amongst politicians, academics, activists and the public at large because of apparent contradictions between Islamic beliefs, values, laws, Democracy, Liberalism, Human Rights and modernity in general.

A cross panel of experts will discuss meaning of reform, scope and implications of Islamic reformation addressing pertinent questions such as:

1) Does Islam need reformation?

2) What is the scope and implication of Islamic reformation?

3) Can Islam address modern challenges without reformation?


Professor Oliver Scharbrodt
Director of Chester Centre of Islamic Studies

Safaruk Chowdhury
Theologian and Academic

Professor Robert Gleave
Director of Islamic Reformulation Project, University of Exeter

Abdullah al-Andalusi Co-Founder of Muslim Debate Initiative

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Doors open 6pm

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square

Underground: Holborn

Prayer facilities available



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