Public Debate: Does Islam Need Reformation? Tom Holland, Abdullah Andalusi, Zara Faris, Saf Choudary, Theo Hobson, Taj Hargey

On Friday 26th February 2016, iERA held the public debate: ‘Does Islam Need A Reformation?’

The debate was chaired by journalist and broadcaster, Lauren Booth.

The invited panel of speakers were:

  • Zara Faris – MDI
  • Tom Holland – Historian
  • Safaruk Chowdhury – Theologian
  • Theo Hobson – Journalist & Theologian
  • Abdullah al Andalusi – MDI
  • Dr Taj Hargey – MECO

Watch the exciting video below

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  1. No focus in the discussion.. people going into the past to evade the issues, or going off at tangent to the topic. Since there will not be one authority that all muslims will agree upon, it will be necessary to develop laws and institutions not subservient to any one sect, or school of thought. A pluralistic society or a secular state will be the only possible way to avoid conflict while allowing freedom to the individual to practise his faith the way he understands it, and the laws for the commons to be made with consensus or by majority vote, without dictation from any religious mufti or religious leader.

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