Public Debate: Is Humanity Better Off Without Religion? Dr Robert Stovold vs Abdullah al Andalusi

The video of the debate ‘Is Humanity Better Off Without Religion?’ is now up. The event originally took place on the 9th December, 2015 at the University of Sussex, UK, and was organised by members of Sussex University Student Union.


The event featured Dr Jon Mitchel, a Reader in Social Anthropology, University of Sussex, UK, whose research touches on Alternative Spiritualities/New Religious Movements, Anthropological Controversies, Anthropology of Catholicism, Anthropology of Religion. He was invited to present Social Anthropological academia on religion and humanity.

Debating the title is Abdullah al Andalusi, an International Speaker and Debater, Thinker and Intellectual activist, who has widely written, discussed and given lectures on Religion, Atheism, Liberalism, Secularism, Evolution, Science and Religion, etc. He has also appeared on many international TV programmes. His position has always been that humanity needs religion.

Also debating the title is, Dr Robert Stovold, who is often referred to as a sceptic and atheist by the British media. Being a member of the National Secular Society and the Brighton and Hove Humanist Society, he has widely debated on the issue of Religion, God, Evolution, Humanity, Morals. He has also written about similar issues. His long term position is that humanity does not need religion.

Event Description:

Religion is believed to be important because it has shaped the social structure, law, and moral codes of different civilizations; promoted co-existence and inspired altruism. Currently, over 5 billion people are estimated to be affiliated with religious groups. However, some argue that religion has had the most influence on wars and terrorism and promotes discrimination and prejudice. As such, it has often been asked whether the world would be better off without religion. In the first Sussex Nigerian Society debate series themed “The Thin Line”, the society hosts accomplished debaters/scholars in the field of religion to debate on whether humanity needs religion. The debate series is funded by the One-World Sussex to encourage diversity.


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