Has Donald Trump fueled Islamophobia? Arun Kundnani shows how Donald Trump’s plans are already being implemented

Writer, journalist and lecturer at New York University, Dr Arun Kundnani delivers a powerful rebuf to American media pundits on a TV panel discussion on CNN. He highlights that U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plan to ‘ban Muslims from entering the United States [of America]’ is partly already being implemented, and has been for a while.

Arun also pointed that, that in light of the common-place mass shootings in USA, Arun exclaimed that “Muslims terrorists are becoming more like Americans”.

The video is a good example of facts meeting Islamophobic rhetoric. The other panellists, attempted to blame terrorism on a ideology, and claimed that Muslims were to blame for not challenging it – which Arun responded to. At one point, one panellist thought Arun was a Muslim (and kept calling him ‘Harun’, despite the fact that Arun Kundnani is of mixed Italian and hindu indian descent, and isn’t a Muslim). The panellist seemed to claim that Muslims are all ‘liars’, and that the Muslim community was being deceptive, by ‘not reporting people who are suspicious to the authorities’.

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