Dutch Christians shocked at violent ‘Quranic Verses’, which are actually from the Bible

Reported in International Business Times:

Dutch pranksters Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor have proved that people might know of holy books like the Bible and Quran but most are not aware of their contents. The two have scored a YouTube hit where they ask people on the streets to give their views on some shocking verses in the Bible. However, the pranksters disguised the Bible under a fake cover of “The Holy Quran”.

“Muslims have been accused of following a faith that has no place in our Western culture. What about Christianity? A religion that has influenced our culture greatly,” says the pair in the video, who owns a YouTube channel called “Dit Is Normaal”.

The video that the pair named “The Holy Quran Experiment,” was posted on Friday and has since then crossed 2 million views. The highlighted verses that they describe as “shocking verses that are in great contrast with our western norms and values,” saw amazing reactions by the people.

Presentator: Sacha Harland
Producent: Alexander Spoor

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  1. Are there any holy books that teach there was a time when there was nothing, and someone changed it into everything – that do not tell Moses to kill humans?

  2. Its all about bloodshed, vengeance from the War God. No peace will be attained between non believers and believers.

    When their manifested God in human form descend to earth, they believe that their manifested War God will not guide non-believers to make peace with believers but rather, as the War God returned he will send non-believers to hell on earth by shouting out ‘sword’ from his mouth.

    One would expect war and bloodshed should have ended upon judgement from a War God that descend down to earth.

    But the story in the Greek books described that their War God is still unsatisfied with punishing non-believers in hell, he will release their leader first so the evil leader can prepare his armies on earth to attack the War God in another so called Final Battle. The War God will boast his triumph by instantly winning the battle by invoking fire from the sky to torment them with painful ending.

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