Debate: ‘Is Islam a Threat to the West?’ (Shadid Lewis vs Daniel Scot)

On 9th September 2013, in Los Angeles, California, where MDI USA’s Shadid Lewis debated against Christian apologist Daniel Scot on the controversial question, ‘Is Islam a Threat to the West?’. We’ve now we’ve managed to obtain the footage, we’ve published it below for your intellectual and viewing pleasure. Again, a brilliant performance from MDI’s Shadid Lewis, and a fitting end to our Shadid Lewis Debate Showcase series this month.

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  1. Salam alaykum,

    It seems to me to be an ‘okay’ debate, the main issue of whether the West and Islam have different overarching attitudes towards reality was not really discussed [since this is the root of the conflict in my opinion and will always remain the same] nor why should Christianity be seen as part of the West anymore (i.e. why is the West being defended by a Christian evangelist in this debate, it seems the ethos of the West has been fully taken over by secular humanism).

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