Lecture Video: Women & Leadership in Islam – by Zara Faris [‘Passing the Torch’ New Zealand Tour]

Zara Faris presented a lecture at the “Passing the Torch” Conference as part of her New Zealand tour. The first exciting video from her tour is now up and available to view of her Lecture: Women and Leadership in Islam by Zara Faris.

The event took place on 8th February 2015, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and was hosted by Women’s Islamic Council of New Zealand. More videos to follow.

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  1. Women as Caliphs….

    Sitt al – Mulk, was Ruler/Queen of Fatimid Empire

    Queen Arwa of Yemen (Sulayhid dynasty) was also a Ruler, her mother-in-law Queen Asma was also a powerful leader though not a direct ruler…..

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