Debate Video: What is the true faith of Jesus’ disciples? [Ijaz Ahmed, MDI Trinidad vs Rev Stevens]

We’re happy to announce the debate between Ijaz Ahmed and Rev. Steven has been published online. The topic, “What is the True Faith of Jesus’ Disciples?,” featured a lot of discussion on the early Christology of the proto-orthodox Christian tradition.

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  1. There is zero evidence that Jesus or his disciples rejected the Torah existing in the first century as corrupt. Muslims need to cite credible evidence to show otherwise or accept that Islam is false.

  2. There is zero evidence that Jesus rejected the Torah existing in the first century as corrupt. Does this not constitute irrefutable evidence that he was not a Muslim?

  3. The age of the extant copies of the Bible does not determine the truth of what they contain. If they were copied correctly from the originals it does not matter how old they are.

    The church fathers don’t decide as to whether anything in the Bible is true or not. They are just fallible men. The Bible is not dependant upon them or anyone else who was not an inspired author.

  4. You are arbitrarily declaring that Bethsaida was a village without offering a shred of evidence.

    You are fusing the event of Jesus meeting John and Andrew in the fishing boot mentioned in Matthew 4 and Mark 1 with a different event involving a fishing boot described in Luke 5. The event in Luke 5 occurs after Jesus preached in the synagoge and the subsequent healing of Peter’s mother in law. The Mark 1 encounter occurs before the synagogue visit and the healing of Simon’s mother in law.

    Why do you ( seem ) to assume that Jesus only spoke once to Simon Peter before he became his disciple? The biblical evidence shows that this occured on the third recorded occasion that Jesus spoke to him.

    In John 1 v 42 Jesus does not command Peter to follow him. Your efforts to create a contradiction seem contrived at the least.

    I look forward to your response.

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