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Attack on Swedish mosque leaves 5 injured

Is this not terrorism?

Islamophobia Watch

An arsonist set fire to a mosque in central Sweden on Thursday injuring five people, police said, as the country grapples with a political crisis caused by the rise of the extreme right.

“Somebody threw an object through a closed window and afterwards a fire started inside,” police spokesman Lars Franzell told AFP. “There were between 15 and 20 people in the premises.”

Refugee-friendly Sweden woke up to the reality of a new political landscape in early December when the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats brought down the government by refusing to back its budget proposal in parliament.

The mosque is located on the ground floor of a building in the city of Eskilstuna, some 90 kilometres (55 miles) west of Stockholm. According to police, the fire started in the early afternoon. Police said they were investigating the incident as a case of aggravated arson but had no suspects yet.

The five injured were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries including smoke inhalation, lacerations and fractures.

“There has been an intensification of hatred against Muslims,” Sweden’s Islamic Association head Omar Mustafa told public radio SR on Thursday.

In January unknown perpetrators daubed black swastikas on the front door of a Stockholm mosque and in December last year neo-Nazis attacked a peaceful anti-racist protest in a Stockholm suburb, causing three people to be hospitalised.

AFP, 25 December 2014

See also “Swedish mosque hit by arson in Eskilstuna, injuring five”, BBC News, 25 December 2014

Eskilstuna mosque arson (3)

Eskilstuna mosque arson (5)

Eskilstuna mosque arson

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  1. “Fake it till you make it.”
    SOMALI BOMBING is mind bugling. United States Department strongly condemned December 25 attack targeting African Union forces in Mogadishu. They expressed their deepest condolences to military and civilian personnel families killed in cowardly terrorist act. hahahah. On December 26 in Eskilstuna Mediawhores blamed Swedish Rightwingers set blaze Somali mosque while the most candidate for such crime more likely Geographical Muslim Apostates, Kurds, Alawites, Hezbollah, Iranians, Shiite, Maronite Phalangists or sleepercells or amateur spoilers. It’s too stooopid to blame Swedish people, they’re generous to house one million Muslims in their country. We’re grateful to that.
    HAPPY ISRAEL: No Jewish Beheading for You Today.

  2. When any Muslim does something like this they call them a terrorist attacks.But what do they call the people who attacks the mosque.

    • They rather call the perpetrators something like “mateur spoilers” and not just “terrorists”!

      Just clear bigotry and double standards!

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