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Argentine town bans beauty pageants, brands them as ‘sexist’


A small town in Argentina announced its decision to ban beauty competitions after branding them sexist and harmful to women, Argentinian daily news website the Argentina Independentreported this week.

The council of Chivilcoy slammed the competition for only focusing on physical appearances saying that pageants are “a discriminatory and sexist practice” that “reinforce the idea that women must be valued and rewarded exclusively by their physical appearance, based on stereotypes.”

It added that the competition will be replaced by an event in which “people of between 15 and 30 years who, in an individual or collective way, have stood out in volunteering activities aimed at improving the quality of life in neighborhoods within the city or the district.”

Chivilcoy, in the province of Buenos Aires, becomes the first city to take such a move.

The decision comes only a few days after the chairwoman of Miss World Organization, Julia Morley, announced that Miss World will no longer feature a swimsuit round in their competition.

On Dec. 14, Rolene Strauss of South Africa was crowned the 64th Miss World winner in London. It marked the final event featuring contestants wearing bikinis.

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