“Does Islam equal terrorism?” Tommy Robinson (EDL) debates Abdullah al Andalusi on TV (revisited)

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Last year (24th May 2012), MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi debated Tommy Robinson (leader of the English Defence League) on a TV Channel ‘Vox Africa TV’ on the subject “Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism?”
Considering the situation in the UK at the moment, after the attack on a British soldier in the UK, and the leader of English Defence League claiming that Islam advocates Terrorism – we thought that this debate would again be pertinent.
We also had Raza Nadim from MPAC and a member of the BNP attend as well.
It was a good discussion, and Abdullah had the opportunity to inform and educate Tommy Robinson about a number of facts, including how to read the Quran (i.e. reading before and after a misquoted verse, rather than just the verse itself, and letting your imagination run wide with it), and actually how many acts of terrorism in the world are actually committed by Muslims compared to other organisations, amongst other things.

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  1. Just to answer Tommy’s question about Having sex with slaves in Islam. Ayah 25 from Surat Al- Nisa’ details the conditions around it. A Muslim man should seek the believer among his slaves and seek the permission of her folk to wed and pay her mahr. This is far from what Tommy thinks. Islam Ideology treats the slave woman as a free Muslimah when it comes to having sex. Please spread this knowledge to those who don’t know among Muslims so they give Quran its rights when a non Muslim tries to fault it!!!

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