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The Negative Affects of Combating Global Warming

Global warming is a reality, the earth is getting warmer, but what we don’t often hear about, is the negative affects that taking place in the effort to go green. Thousands of people are being forced of their homes and lands, millions upon millions of others are being sent into poverty and starvation, all in the name of combatting global warming, and all in the name of going green. These are not conspiracy theories, but facts that have been compiled and reported on by major organisations, such as the World Bank, Oxfam, and that of many academics.

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  1. It is clear that ‘The People’s Champion’ Sami Zaatari is a man of broad interests…could this be a prelude to him taking on the ‘Carbon – Nazis’ who want to tax excretion, children and eventually breathing?

    It is very interesting that the same cohort of people who are so militant about pushing through ‘carbon’ measures are the same who have no interest (or at least a woeful record) on eradicating longstanding problems like WORLD HUNGER.

    Could it be that their concern for the ‘planet’ and ‘future generations’ is just the outpouring of their selfish materialism: i.e. if the climate changes, they may have to suffer some of the same impediments and hardships then poor in the South have been bearing for the entire modern era?

    Props to Sami, I hope he paints a target on these people and takes them to task for their selfishness and ideological bias masquerading as ‘concern for the environment’.

    Meaning concern for THEIR environment: everyone else’s ‘environment’ has been messed up for a long time and it didn’t seem to bother these self righteous hypocrites much.

  2. Simply a brilliant video from the ‘Defender of the Faith’ Sheikh Sami Zaatari.

    Armchair warriors got PUNKED! I would pay to see Sami smash these guys (or even someone like those hypocritical wasters Bono or Bob Geldof) in a debate.

    I love it how Sami declares a ‘free – fire’ zone on the fake do – gooders.

    Crimes against humanity in the name of reducing the ‘carbon footprint’. Trust Sami to dig this up and make a video! Most Muslims can’t touch this stuff!

    Biofuel production = Crime against humanity! Someone had to say it. Al Gore SHAMED: Well deserved.

    Best line: ‘Why can’t those third worlders be as SOPHISTICATED as us. We’re sooooo civilized!’

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