Christian Professor says Jesus was a Muslim

Professor Robert F. Shedinger who wrote “Was Jesus a Muslim?” said his research convinced him that Jesus, like Muhammad (peace be upon them both), shared a common passion for social justice. This will come as absolutely no surprise to Muslims of course!

In the video below the Professor is interviewed by In The Community television in North Carolina.

Shedinger said the issue arose when a Muslim student challenged his teaching about Islam, and he rethought not only Islam, but all of religion. He came to perceive Islam as a social justice system instead of a religion, and found that he thought the same about Jesus.

“I had to rethink what Islam is,” Shedinger said in the interview. “I came to the conclusion that it was a social justice movement and I think that’s who Jesus was in the first century so I conclude Jesus is more like a Muslim.”

He admitted it would “be a stretch” for many to follow his process and consider Jesus a Muslim, but, “It doesn’t make me uncomfortable any more.”

“Even as a Christian I have to answer yes to that,” he said

Shedinger said he re-evaluated a lot of the research he’d encountered during his training, and he suddenly recognized “there were a lot of scholars out there who are arguing the points I make in the book.

He described his book as a “call for Christians and Muslims to work together to promote social justice.”

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  1. Shedinger writes “inter-religious dialogue silences many an authentic Mulsim perspective because it is based on the Western Christian discourse of comparative religion.”
    he is pointing out that Islam is considered a “way of life” by Muslims not just a bunch of theories about God (theology).

    I think it is time to compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges….that is, it is time for us Muslims to set the agenda of what needs to be discussed under the topic of Islam—for example—One can compare “Islamic” economics with Capitalism or Communism or any other economic structure—or “Islamic” governance and civic institutions with other styles of governance and civic administration, or concepts of justice and law with secular concepts of law, Islamic concepts of equality with secular concepts—-and so forth. This will be of more benefit to the global Muslim community as it will clearly define Muslim ideas/concepts vis a vis similar ideas and concepts……so we can adopt best practices…….and discard/reject those that create injustice…….

    And perhaps Non Muslim Westerners will also have the opportunity to critically evaluate the notion that all “Western” ideas of governance, civil institutions, law, economics….etc are “superior”……………..

  2. The point that needs to be impressed upon us (the human race ) that all prophets(peace be upon them all) of ALLAAH (GOD) were all Muslims & appealed to their respective people to worship only ONE ALLAAH in Arabic , God in english , Heera In afrikaans , Yehuwaa in Hebrew, (i stand corrected in my spelling of foreign languages) .

    defintion of Muslim: One who submits his/her will to the Creator of The Universe (The One God) , no human , no man, no idols , no icons , & that none of them should be deified.

    Therefore logically all the prophets from Adam To Muhummud (P.B.U. THEM ALL) did just that, ipso facto they all were Muslims.

    N.B. ADAM ,HAWA( EVE) & JESUS (NABI ISA) . The former had no biological parents as we are accoustomed to today, the latter had no biological father.

    However we need to also take into cognisance that all prophets were but human, albeit extraordinary men.

    Another point note every prophet from Adam (p.b.u.h.) to Muhummud (p.b.u.h.) were married.

    Nabi Isa (Jesus) (p.b.u.h.) was the only prophet that was not married according to the sources I have perused.

    However; upon his descent to planet earth , & of course his descent will only occur upon the command of THE CREATOR, Nabi Isa (p.b.u.h.) will marry according the Hadeeth of the Prophet Muhummud (p.b.u.h.) & have a progeny (this is not the da vinci code).

    So we as the human race should be mentally prepared for the eventuality given the current sordid & sad status of the world.

    • seems like most bibles are homemade , the actual revelation has been lost by people of his time , so suggest you revisit your sarcasm & do some unbiased research

      • If you read the origins of quran and how it was written you will find that muhmad was not its author….he even put verses regarding allah having daughters which were later edited and corrected. These verses were later classified as satan verses therefore the so called prophet was a confused man. There are many variants of islamic belief which are creating havoc in the name of islam. Please review your so called quran to see how authentic it really is before opening your mouth like a fool

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