Sam Harris, Atheism and Self-identification

A great video exposing the crafty attempt by Atheists like Sam Harris to avoid criticism by re-labelling themselves as rationalists or those advocating reason (since rationality and reason cannot be criticised directly by most people) and by hiding their positive or alternative beliefs (e.g. humanism, secularism, communism etc). It is hoped that by doing these things, Atheists can attack all other beliefs yet escape criticism themselves. The Youtube user ‘TheCartesianTheist’ provides a devastating critique of Sam Harris’ attempt to have his cake and eat it.

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  1. God is one and Eternal, Self Existing

    Nothing or anybody is comparable with God

    God is imperceivable and human reason can not grasp God.

    God goes beyond our understanding, but in human belief and hidden thoughts God is always present

    Reason can confess about the mercy that God Exists But the same reason also declares that I do not know anything more about God. I can not make any concept of Him, nor any Image of Him( NOT CONCRETE),

    So if there is no image nor likeness of Him, the He does not exist bodily ( Jesus is not God in flesh)

    If God does not exist bodily, then God is not bound to matter

    If God is not bound to matter God is not bound to place

    Humans understand the attributes of God but not the Modus.
    Muslims believe in the existence of the self-existent and we do ascribe the attributes to Allah

    There are two attributes that no one can deny

    1. The attribute of first cause

  2. Are physicists clear about the true nature of electrons?

    Are they able to say with certainty what ye electrons are?

    Science is able to tell us how a molecule is built up

    But is it able to tell what it is built of?

    Are the scientists sure that nature exhibits a definite sequence of cause and effect?

    Are there scientific truth which is absolutely true?

    Or they are true in the restricted sense?

    Had man been able to visualise man conceive God scientifically he would have never had faith in the Lord of the Worlds.

    It is impossible to obtain a proof of the Ultimate Reality ( The First cause, little importance which particular name is assigned to the First cause)) in a material form

    Because the picture constructed by man being essentially human would give rise to suspicion in man’s mind.

    So the bottom line is science for the past is a description

    And for the future Science is a belief

    Science has a utilitarian notion but it is beyond the power of science to solve the creation of the world

    So God is not concrete, but God is the ground for concrete actuality.

    Muslims believe in the Absolute Oneness of God, Who is a Supreme Being free of human limitations, needs and wants. He has no partners in His Divinity. He is the Creator of everything and is completely separate from His creation.

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