Church of England should ‘rejoice’ over gay marriage, Bishops say

According to a report in today’s Daily Telegraph

“The Church of England should “rejoice” at the prospect of marriage between homosexual couples rather than fear it, senior bishops and clergy have said.”

I suspect that most Muslims take absolutely no interest in the statements of Bishops on sexuality.

That said, Jesus is reported to have said to his Lord, ‘May thy will be done, not mine’. This spiritual disposition is vanishing fast from Britain’s Christian churches, which have made some astonishing compromises with the spirit of the age. But as Muslims we see religion as a citadel resistant to decadence and changing tides of opinion, not as one strand in the pattern of modern life – the western way of life – but as an alternative to it. Those who have gone astray are invited to return and that is that. For Muslims there is one fixed mark, set down in the midst of times flow and that is the Faith as it came from God through the Prophet.

The Christian churches, it seems, are trying desperately to keep up with the times and are in dereliction of their duty to be faithful to the revelation they received. God has expressly given us his commands in the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran. They cannot be changed. We, as Muslims, stand should to shoulder with those traditionalist clergy and scholars who resist these compromises with modernism. One of these Christian scholars is the distinguished New Testament scholar Dr. Ben Witherington III who has just produced a new video demonstrating that the Bible’s teaching is quite clear in this matter – that marriage is the right and only context for sexual relationships.  And Muslims of course agree.

Here is Dr. Ben Witherington III’s rather good video lecture Seven Minute Seminary: Homosexuality and Scripture:

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