The Big Debate: Islam and Reformation: What is the way forward?

Islam and Reformation: What is the way forward?
16th March 2012
School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS)

Can Islamic civilisation be revived? What are the solutions for the
problems in the Muslim world? Does Islam need reformation? Should
Muslims borrow from Western Political systems? What is the way

Witness two speakers, with radically opposing views, debate and discuss this highly topical issue. Attendees will be able to ask questions and voices their opinions at the event.

Abdullah al Andalusi – Muslim revivalist thinker and International speaker
Mustafa Akyol – Political commentator and Author of “Between Extremes: A Muslim case for Liberty”

Enjoy this controversial and exciting debate

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  1. I am afraid that Mr Akyol is an insincere waffler who does not have the courage to come out of his intellectual closet.

    Andalsui is impressive as always but the opposition did not bring up the best in him

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