Taqiyah: The Lie Made against Islam

This is the full free version of our DVD by the same title. Raymond Ibrahim claims its not true , that Taqiyah is only used when a Muslims life is in immediate danger. I said he was wrong and prove he and others who make the claim are all wrong! Raymond, I will debate you in a public forum if you still claim other wise. See the evidence here

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  1. Islam condemns lies unless it saves a life, then it’s called “Taqiyah”. It looks like when British soldiers pretended to be Germans just to escape Hitler’s prisons.
    Any person with only 3 working cells in his brain would do if his life was on the line!

  2. They use this lie to disqualify muslims. So when non-mulims ask us questions and we respond, they’ll never be satisfied with answers no matter how much evidence we give them.

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