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Jesus the God-man?

Trinitarian theology argues that Jesus is the God-man, and what this means is that Jesus was fully man, as well as being fully God at the same time. According to Trinitarians, Jesus being the God-man explains a lot of things, for example when Jesus ate, slept, and was […]

More proof that the people didn’t believe that Jesus was God

We have already written and demonstrated that the followers of Jesus during his lifetime did not believe him to be God: https://muslimdebate.org/polemics/christianity/210-the-three-wise-men-and-jesus https://muslimdebate.org/polemics/christianity/222-did-jesus-followers-believe-he-was-god And now we present another example of the people not believing that Jesus was God. We read in the Gospel of Mark the following: King […]

God is not absent

It’s often said by atheists, ‘where is God’, and with all the problems we see facing our world today, such calls become more and more common. So where is God in all of this? Why is he letting bad things happen? Why isn’t he getting involved to sort […]