Debate Video: Is Jesus Christ God Almighty the Most High?

MDI speaker in the USA, Shadid Lewis debates Dr. James White, of Alpha and Omega Ministries in a debate discussing the nature of Jesus, and whether Jesus was God incarnate in the flesh.

Part one:

Part two:

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      • i am ex mnnnnnn worshiping the divine god jesus christ . jesus is only divine god who created heaven and earth died on the cross for the sins of the world and rose third day and appeared many and ascended heaven and coming again every living confess that jesus is divine god if not confessing than the divine god will put in to lake of fire everlasting fire there only holy bible on this earth and in heaven and there is no other book

  1. I think muslims must learn to respect and agree that they have a different set of theology then the christians. One side has the bible, one side has the quran. I as a teacher would never blame or expect from muslims for not believing Jesus to be God. Because I read the Quran too daily and I know it’s not at all in harmony with the bible. And thus both side must learn to see that we believe differently, because we both adhere to a different book of faith. We know our bibles, and we know how to to interpret. How dare you guys act as if you know our scriptures?? I would’nt dare come to the position I have to interpret the Quran for you. Please stop doing this! Better start ask questions before you assume anything. When you have the answer post it but post it always in a way that you show thst this is what you’ve come to understand from scripture! Then you say: christians is this thencorrect way I understood it? And allow them to respond. And remember not every christian is as wise so always be very careful which answer you elevate and run with. The bible does teach that God would become like human and teach us the way through the Messiah. Muslims cannot believe Jesus is God because you have a different book of faith. Because your theology or comments about Jesus (isa) is different then what we as christians have. And I would go as far to say: that we do not have the same historical Jesus! You have Isa, we have Yeshua. You have a prophet a messenger, we have the Messenger above all Messengers. You have a baby Isa that speaks while in a cradle, we have Jesus speaking as a man and as God. You have Isa that has done miracles and raised the death. But we have Jesus and we have the stories how he did them and who he raised from the death! We have the stories you don’t! You have a Isa that denies being God infront of Allah. We have a Jesus that didn’t took it to be robbery to act and speak as God. You have a Messiah, we too! But the difference is we know why he is the messiah. I lack explanation from the Quran why He is Messiah. You have the word of allah, we believe He is the Word and is God made flesh. You have a figure that said: blessed the day i was born, the day I die, and the day I will be ressurected. We have one that was born, did die, did truly die and die on the cross, was tsken to heaven and came back and was taken again, and Henwill come again the second time in all His glory and power. We clearly have a different person in our books. Don’t you dare impose your messenger on ours, we don’t do it to yours. God bless. And I write this with all due respect to all muslims. Because i love them.

  2. jesus is divine god . jesus created us . we are his creature. he died on the cross and rose oo the third day and appeared many . he is my lord and my saviour . there is only holy scripture of jesus christ the divine god on this earth and heaven.

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