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Original Sin and Atonement Taught in Islam?

In order to save themselves the embarrassment of defending such ‘difficult to digest’ doctrines, some Christians have begun in recent times to try and show that Islam also teaches these doctrines. Below are some links, which refute such laughable allegations: http://www.letmeturnthetables.com/2011/06/meat-israel-eve-betray-hadith.html http://www.letmeturnthetables.com/2012/04/no-substitutionary-atonement-islam.html http://www.call-to-monotheism.com/rebuttal_to_william_lane_craig_s_divine_insurance_policy_analogy (see appendix section) http://www.call-to-monotheism.com/rebuttal_to_jochen_katz_s_article__a_plain_error_and_contradiction_in_the_qur_an__who_suffers_loss_if_muhammad_was_wrong__ One would […]

A Review of the Ally/White Debate in Canada

by Sadat bin Anwar & Imad Ali The North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF) in Scarborough, Canada, was packed to the gills on March 22nd by an enthusiastic audience ready to watch these two respected debaters tackle the topic of “Did Jesus Claim Deity?” The majority of the audience […]