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PUBLIC DEBATE: Should the state be completely separate from religion? Abdullah al Andalusi & Bishop of the House of Lords vs Former UK Prosecutor & Secularist Professor

MDI is pleased to announce the release of a debate held at Warwick University on the topic of Secularism, religion and politics. Despite the debate getting a little heated, it remained completely respectful with very robust back and forth. The debate featured on the Secularist side, a professor […]

Full Persian Translation of the Big Atheism-Theism Debate: Dr Arif Ahmed Vs Abdullah al Andalusi, on Existence of God & Morality Without God [Nottingham University]

ایا خدا وجود دارد؟ یا میتوان بدون خدا اخلاقیات پایدار را توجیه کرد؟ مناظره عبدالله اندلسی با عارف احمد MDI is pleased to announce a Persian language (farsi) subtitled version is now available on Youtube of the full debate titled was: ‘Is God Necessary to Explain Reality, and […]

Full Malaysian Translation of MDI debate on ‘Feminism & Islam, Compatible or Conflicting?’ with Zara Faris and Marina Mahathir of secularist SIS [Sisters in Islam]

MDI is pleased to announce the first of a series of full translations of MDI events into Malaysian. A Malaysian language subtitled version is now available on Youtube, of the full debate of: ‘Is Feminism compatible with Islam?‘ , with MDI’s Zara Faris debating Marina Mahathir (board member of the […]