Category: Liberalism & Secular Democracy

Oxford Debate: Can the West Live with Islam?

Sir Jonathan Phillips of Keble College, Oxford, chairs a debate between Professor Nigel Biggar, Theology Faculty, University of Oxford, and Islamic Studies lecturer, Tim Winter, University of Cambridge; on the topic : Can the West Live with Islam? The debate was held on 2nd July 2012 This debate […]

A Perspective on Freedom

Freedom is achieved when one realizes the qualities of shame and humility, and empties oneself of their opposites (shamelessness and arrogance). With these qualities come true freedom, wealth and dignity, which require manumission from the bonds of one’s whims. People may claim to be “free”, yet cannot control themselves […]

Liberal theocracy

In reality the modern state is as confessional as its predecessors – it is just that the secular and materialist humanism which it actually promotes does not have a coherent or recognized label by which it can be identified. For all the declamations about choice and pluralism made […]