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Abdullah al Andalusi

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Abdullah al Andalusi invited to discuss gambling, the ‘right’ to suicide, and whether someone can pick & choose parts of their religion on BBC1’s Big Questions Programme

The BBC 1 discussion programme, the Big Questions, have invited me to discuss the topics of whether gambling and betting shops should have the right to freely open up branches anywhere, and whether people should be allowed to pick and choose what they want from their religions. The […]

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government protects rights of Christian minorities

Source: Al-Ahram Egypt slams ‘Bible-burning’ Islamist preacher with 11-year sentence Court rules on religion charges raised against Abu Islam following 2012 ‘Innocence of Muslims’ demonstration during which Bibles were desecrated; son also punished  ‘Bible-burning’ Islamist preacher Abu Islam in his way to court surrounded by his supporters (Photo: […]