Register to attend special invitation-only MDI’s UK Debates

There are many exciting MDI events coming up throughout the UK (hint hint, some closer than you think!). However, many venues that MDI use require events to be invitation-only, or only for our subscribers. To get around such limitations, we’re setting up a special subscriber list for those who want to attend our amazing (and free) public debates throughout London and the UK!

To join our special ‘invitation-only’ subscriber list is easy (and free), simply fill in your name (or anything you’d like to be known by) and email address, and make sure to check your spam folder for emails. You can also add your phone if you want to be added to the Telegram group. It’s that simple!

We promise no spam, no newsletters, only invitations to MDI events in UK!

We look forward to seeing you in person at our next exciting event, coming to a venue near you.

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