Public Motion Debate: Is it wrong not to identify as feminist? (Southampton University, w/ Zara Faris)

MDI is proud to announce that the video is now up on the debate held at the University of Southampton, between two British feminist activists, and MDI’s Zara Faris, on the motion/question of “Is it wrong not to identify as feminist?”.

The event was hosted by the Southampton University Debating Union and was a motion debate where the motion decided by a two-vote system, with a pre-debate audience vote, and a post-debate audience vote (where the motion is decided based upon which side persuaded the most people).

In the debate, sister Zara brilliantly refutes the need for feminism from both an Islamic and Secular Liberal perspective (and stated as such) appealing to both Muslims and secular liberals in the audience. The audience, which was overwhelming non-Muslim and liberal, appeared to agree with her arguments. By the end of the debate, ehe managed to win the debate motion by persuading more people to her side after the debate than before. By the end of the debate, her side had gained an extra 30% of the total audience over to her side.


Those arguing it is wrong not to identify as feminist:
Emily Zinkin (writer and editor for the F-word blog)
Julian Norman (Human Rights and Immigration Barrister)

Those arguing it is morally ok not to identify as feminist:
Natasha Devon MBE (Writer and Activist)
Zara Faris (Writer and Speaker on women in Islam)
The debate Video:

The debate voting results, as well as the full debate, is available to watch on the video online:

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