Motion Debate: This House Believes in a Secular Society & that Religion Should be Completely Separate from State

The video is now up on the debate held at the University of Nottingham, between two secularists (one a UK politician), and one Christian minister and MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi, on the question of whether society should be secular & religion completely separated from State.

The event was hosted by the ‘Voice Your Rights Project’ and was a motion debate (which was decided by a two-vote system) titled: ‘This House believes in a secular society and that all religion should be completely separate from the state’.

Speaking for the proposition:
1. Mr Tony Challis: Local Secular Society representative
2. Cllr Clare Coghill: National Secular Society representative

Speaking for the opposition:
1. Mr Abdulllah al Andalusi: Islamic Activist and International speaker
2. Reverend Christopher Harrison: Vicar of the parish of All Saints, St Mary and St Peter

Motion defeated/Victory for the non-secular side

The debate was successfully won by the anti-secular side, having persuaded more people onto their side during the debate. This was determined by having an audience vote before and after the debate, and the debate motion determined by the number of votes changed.

Alhamdulillah, over the years MDI has maintained a 100% success rate in all the ‘two-vote’ motion debates it has participated in.

The debate voting results, as well as the full debate, is available to watch on the video online:

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